What differentiates a Sphynx ?

"As to personality, I am hard put to find words to describe them.  Sweet little bundles of love, their capacity for love and loyalty to their humans is endless.  Brimming with affection, they will drape themselves around your neck, plant great sloppy kisses all over your face and cling like a baby with their arms around you." 

Reprint from an article by Carol Richards, early founder of the Sphynx in the USA

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Angelfire is taking a short breeding/showing break for the foreseeable future.  We have been so grateful to share our live with these marvelous creatures and hope to continue to do so.  Blessings to you all and especially to our four hairless legged friends.

Angelfire Sphynx are delightful to watch and fun to play with.  The Sphynx are a devoted, loving and social pet.  They love to play with children as well as being an attentive companion for people of any age.  They are not hypoallergenic, but many people with allergies can tolerate a Sphynx as they do not shake off dander into the air like ordinary cats, but hold it on their skin - this requires bathing to remove.

Breeding and owning Sphynx only since 1994, Angelfire is the breeder of International Winners, Regional Winners, Supreme Grand Champions, Grand Premiers, Distinguished Merit and Grand Champions in both TICA and CFA.

At long last a cat that does not shed!  Many people with allergies find that they can happily live with a Sphynx or two!  The Sphynx exude warmth and love!  They would be a welcome addition to any appropriate household.  Check out the links on the left for more information.

  • No Hairballs!

  • No Fleas & Ticks!

  • No Brushing & Combing!

  • No Bothersome Hair on Clothes & Furniture!

They demand little care, a simple warm weekly bath and ear and nail cleaning is all that is necessary to maintain a clean and healthy naked baby!  They eat all cat foods, but the higher quality brands are recommended.  Sphynx must be an inside only cat, but when supervised by their person may go for a brief stroll.

Please contact Arden Gatlin-Andrews in Middle Tennessee or Ryan Myracle in Western Tennessee for more information.  Use the Contact Us link to email us with any questions you may have.

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